Damask Shrub Rose
Flowers in an intersectional manor with sweet scent. Deciduous growth, adapting to multiple terrains and conditions.
Height to 120 cm (4 ft)

Introduced in 2013, the #BlackLivesMatter damask rose is both dexterous and agile in its ability to counter resistances both immediate and historical. With exceptional growth potential, this rose responds instinctively with decentralized manner to both needs and conditions of the landscape.

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IHVURBK2 inc IHVURBK2 inc @ihvurbk2

#Antifa #BlackLivesMatter When your family is being raped / murdered, CALL THE COPS….

…the rest of us pray th… https://t.co/hYAk48D3yk

2 days ago
BLM Report BLM Report @BLM_Report

Serena Williams Urges Black Women to ‘Be Fearless’ and Fight for Equal Pay: https://t.co/qBUDy4f4eV #BLMhttps://t.co/bp3snBCVD3

3 weeks ago
Koko Koko @okaykoko

It’s nice that he wants people to read but Lord Jamar is a homophobe who thinks George Soros created… https://t.co/Gz5d6YlnJm

3 weeks ago
Magnificent Magnificent @Ironyisfunny8

I TOLD YOU. They are going after The Civil Rights Act using #LGBTQ as a loophole.
#BlackLivesMatter!!! #MLKhttps://t.co/Zg19WJTN56

4 weeks ago
whim whim @whimgrrl

Ppl were already acknowledging the need to be anti-racist, though we didn’t have the astute analysis of #Blacklivesmatter. #calgarypride

4 weeks ago
Nate Sparks Nate Sparks @NateSparks130

Until #BlackLivesMatter , it won’t make a difference at all how many lynchings cops film.

The system will still justify these murders.

4 weeks ago
Willie Stroker Willie Stroker @DickInman

@nytimes Most millennials don’t know about Reginald Denny, but some think he deserved it. #BlackLivesMatter

4 weeks ago
The Other Half The Other Half @kaelee

I want to see ALL police who murder innocent people to be held accountable and punished appropriately. #BlackLivesMatter

4 weeks ago

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