Damask Shrub Rose
Flowers in an intersectional manor with sweet scent. Deciduous growth, adapting to multiple terrains and conditions.
Height to 120 cm (4 ft)

Introduced in 2013, the #BlackLivesMatter damask rose is both dexterous and agile in its ability to counter resistances both immediate and historical. With exceptional growth potential, this rose responds instinctively with decentralized manner to both needs and conditions of the landscape.

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Quixotic Quixotic @Calitaliano777

@funder @PressSec They didn’t burn a flag, or raise a middle finger. They took the most reverent, submissive stance… https://t.co/RmzeQOOSwS

14 hours ago
🐸☕ 🐸☕ @Mefied

It’s the same whites who deem #BlackLivesMatter a destructive movement.

14 hours ago
🌹Ⓐ Берни Брат Ⓐ🏴 🌹Ⓐ Берни Брат Ⓐ🏴 @DavidCThomas99

@TheWayWithAnoa @TheRoot I am glad. In fact more people need to get out of the two-party oligarchy and implement re… https://t.co/RbhU3cbSxd

4 days ago
Zoe Gardner Zoe Gardner @ZoeJardiniere

Somehow, giving a shit about the rule of law when it concerns brown people has become some kind of “niche concern” 🤔 #blacklivesmatter

2 weeks ago
Justice For All Justice For All @standupCortez

#BlackLivesMatter: Alicia Garza on the Origins of a Movement | Making Contact Radio: Media that helps build move… https://t.co/9y7UbPEpen

2 weeks ago
James Ritchie James Ritchie @JamesRitch1

@614Teef When #BlackLivesMatter stops advocating and engaging in violence as a means to an end I will stop bashing them.

3 weeks ago
TruthWarrior2016 TruthWarrior2016 @Trump4future

I don’t know progressives. I’m seeing a lot of love for #Trump in Texas by Black community. #Resist #BlackLivesMatter #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

3 weeks ago
WHAT IS LIFE WHAT IS LIFE @darynoceansun

If you don’t agree with #blacklivesmatter there’s something wrong with that brain of yours

4 weeks ago

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