Damask Shrub Rose
Flowers in an intersectional manor with sweet scent. Deciduous growth, adapting to multiple terrains and conditions.
Height to 120 cm (4 ft)

Introduced in 2013, the #BlackLivesMatter damask rose is both dexterous and agile in its ability to counter resistances both immediate and historical. With exceptional growth potential, this rose responds instinctively with decentralized manner to both needs and conditions of the landscape.

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Peter McLoughlin Peter McLoughlin @pmclauth

50% of racist murders in the UK are done by the 10% who aren’t white.
Only #BlackLivesMatter https://t.co/GvwkoUHIyC

4 days ago
J.La❤ J.La❤ @Janetlarose1

And you idiotic libs STILL protect him … #BlackLivesMatter never MATTERED to @BarackObama … under… https://t.co/Gz3kFknJjg

5 days ago
WIN PS4 FOR YOU! WIN PS4 FOR YOU! @giveawayfolex

Its still absolutely ridiculous that some ppl actually had the audacity to compare the #BlackLivesMatter movement to the KKK. How, dawg how?

3 weeks ago

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