Damask Shrub Rose
Flowers in an intersectional manor with sweet scent. Deciduous growth, adapting to multiple terrains and conditions.
Height to 120 cm (4 ft)

Introduced in 2013, the #BlackLivesMatter damask rose is both dexterous and agile in its ability to counter resistances both immediate and historical. With exceptional growth potential, this rose responds instinctively with decentralized manner to both needs and conditions of the landscape.

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Sane Sane @Mackithappen

#BlackLivesMatter Black Off-Duty Cop Shot by White Officer While Trying to Help With Stolen Car Incident https://t.co/SSKOZ0tZps

4 days ago
Pink Gloss Magazine Pink Gloss Magazine @Pinkglossmag

News Update Halle Berry: “Stop Sitting Here Spewing Negativity And Complaining” #BlackLivesMatter If You’re Doi… https://t.co/qtTShIsL9l

4 days ago
Sirena Sirena @purposelypetty

Ppl all enraged about the young white man #Warmbier but where is the same towards #PhilandoCastile and so many others #BlackLivesMatter

1 week ago

Liberals should celerate the Supreme Court not banning racist trademarks. Now they can register #BlackLivesMatter:…… https://t.co/suW5aOKjA2

1 week ago
Tosin Badeniyi,Ph.D Tosin Badeniyi,Ph.D @tosynolu

Being black in America is tough. Lebron James… How do we change this? #BlackLivesMatter

2 weeks ago
dyford dyford @donnayford

#Racism #BlackLivesMatter Family should NOT have to worry about the names of their children and opportunities ! https://t.co/87gcNoum0I

2 weeks ago
J. Kohls J. Kohls @kidderyn

The fact that mediocre, racist white men are trying to overrun the #InspireBlackMen tag just further shows why #BlackLivesMatter is needed

2 weeks ago
Mini Troll Mini Troll @MsMiniTroll

#BlackLivesMatter? If so, prove it. Be a responsible person, not a nigger. Start a movement & share this. #MAGAhttps://t.co/p5asYXd127

3 weeks ago

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